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Well Gray Provincial Park offers unique views, and experiences.

Wells Gray Provincial Park covers a vast area of 5,250 square kilometres.

The park is considered Canada's waterfall park,

as it offers abundant waterfalls, of which there are 41 named. Helmcken Falls is the 4th largest in Canada and is almost 3 times taller then Niagra Falls!

  These were formed due to past volcanic activity, and glaciers carving out rivers and lakes that have resulted in these spectacular waterfalls.


Hiking trails also abound in the area, of varied levels of challenge.  From flat, meandering  trails to more difficult mountain treks. Explore old growth cedar forests, and bright meadows.

Read the courageous stories of the park's pioneers, and visit their abandoned homesteads.

Various lookout points, and many more scenic places to explore are worthy of your time.

Don't forget the numerous crystal clear lakes, and roaring rivers, where you can indulge in whitewater rafting, kayaking, swimming, canoeing, and fishing.​

Trophy Mountain boasts alpine meadows, bursting with beautiful flowers from approximately mid July to mid August.

The Clearwater area offers plenty of other activities, such as paragliding, mountain biking, horseback riding, golfing, guided tours and more.

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There are many great biking spots to explore in Clearwater. 

​​Clearwater Candle Creek Trails are only 10 mins drive from us. They offer 9 trails covering12 kms of action packed mountain biking. With a level for everyone from easy to difficult.

More biking Info

Candle Creek Trails Map

Mountain Bike Rentals 


Try our local horseback riding! 

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Experience a thrill packed whitewater rafting trip, on our dynamic Clearwater River.

IWE Whitewater Rafting more info


Check out our local Farmers Market, offering fresh produce, baked goods, Belgian chocolate, and other talented artisans. 

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Sit back and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Caribou Mountains. Waterfalls, rainforest, and wildlife are only a small portion of the adventure that awaits you. Once at the beach enjoy canoeing, swimming, and an interpretive walk through five hundred year old rainforest to the base of Rainbow Falls. Try your luck at unguided fishing, as your guide prepares you a delicious picnic lunch. Take your family and enjoy.

Clearwater Lake Tours

Local Dining

Check out our delicious local cuisine. 

Gateway Grill Restaurant 

Wild Flour Cafe

Mountainside Cafe

52 Ridge Restaurant 

Clearwater Stop

Backcountry bowls 


Rent a canoe for the day on Dutch Lake, and take a spin around the island.

Go on an adventurous canoe camping trip of your own or on a guided tour on Clearwater Lake

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Visit our local Clearwater Information Centre to learn about more activities for you to experience. The friendly staff can help you book your next adventure.

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Fly over the treetops on a thrilling flight with Willy! Amazing guide and pilot. 

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Opportunities for adventure, and relaxation exist hand in hand.

Awesome Adventures Await You

Woodcrest BnB is situated just 2 kms from the town centre of Clearwater, B.C. in the North Thompson Valley.

We are a:

2 mins drive to The Olde Town Giftshop, where our many local artisans are featured.

5 mins drive to beautiful Dutch Lake, with a clean swimming beach.

7 mins drive to Grocery stores, & restaurants, medical centre, and pharmacy.

15 mins drive to Spahats Falls.

17 mins drive to Trophy Mountain Alpine Meadows, & Silver Tip Falls turn off. 55 mins drive by dirt road to the Trophy Mountain Alpine Meadows Parking Lot. 

25 mins drive to Moul Falls & McDiarmid Falls trails.

40 mins drive to Horseback riding.

35 mins drive to Green Mountain viewing deck, Foot Lake and Placid Lake trail.

40 mins drive to Dawson Falls.

45 mins drive to Mushbowl Falls.

55 mins drive to Helmcken Falls. The 4th largest waterfall in Canada and almost 3 times taller than Niagra falls!

1 hr. drive to Ray Farm - It is an abandoned homestead, built by pioneer, John Ray, who lived there from 1911 to 1947.

1 hr 10 mins. drive to Baileys Chute, Marcus & Myanth Falls trails.

1. hr 40 mins. drive to  Clearwater Lake where canoe/boat tours are offered. 

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